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If you’re confused or overwhelmed

If you’re confused or overwhelmed, don't panic! Sticking to the traditional methods of either quick or slow roasting will ensure a lovely Thanksgiving dinner.com. •Stir in bread cubes and drained oysters. Place the turkey on a rack in a deep roasting pan. •Weigh the turkey including stuffing to calculate cooking time.msn. Use liquid from the oysters to moisten the mixture, if required.Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner with Oyster StuffingFor one 12 lb.Most cooks have their favorite, method for cooking Thanksgiving turkey to perfection. •Stuff the turkey neck immediately before roasting. Cover loosely with a foil tent. Alternatively, roast the turkey at 425 °F (220 °C) for thirty minutes, then reduce to 325 °F (160 °C) for the remaining cooking time. Rinse the turkey and pat dry. •Test to see if the turkey is cooked by piercing the thickest part of the thigh with a fine skewer. turkey (weight after trussing)Oyster Stuffing (Based on Oyster Stuffing Recipe, Bonny Wolf, NPR) •10 cups bread cubes •1 stick unsalted butter •2 cups chopped onions •1 cup chopped celery •1/2 cup parsley •1 teaspoon sage •1 teaspoon thyme •3/4 teaspoon salt •1/2 teaspoon black pepper •1/4 teaspoon nutmeg •1/8 teaspoon cloves •1 pint raw oysters (or chopped scallops if preferred) To prepare: •Heat the butter in large skillet. Cover loosely with foil and leave to stand for about 20 minutes. Add onions and celery. •Coat the turkey with butter or oil. •Roast the turkey in a preheated oven at 375 °F (190 °C), basting frequently to retain moisture. •Remove from pan and place on a warm carving plate. Reserve these for making stock. To roast the turkey: •Remove neck, giblets and liver. Source: http://search. Cook for about five minutes or until tender. Remove pan from heat and add spices. The juices will run clear when the turkey is cooked. •Press the stuffing into the neck cavity. Place strips of bacon across the breast and thighs to prevent the meat from drying out. Allow 20 minutes per pound, plus 20 minutes standing time after cooking. Season lightly with salt and black pepper (no additional salt required if cooking brined turkey) and a sprinkling of freeze-dried mixed herbs. Alternatively, bake the oyster stuffing separately in a well-buttered baking dish at 175 °C (350 °F) for about 30 minutes. Secure skin with wooden cocktail sticks. Popular turkey recipes include: traditional turkey roast, pre-brined Military Tents Suppliers in China or deep fried turkey, and Cajun style turkey. Remove foil, 30 to 40 minutes before cooking is complete to allow the breast to crisp to a golden brown

I think I'm the only writer here immune

By Brandon Tucker, Staff Writer, Golf Publisher SyndicationsPhil Mickelson faking his wrist injury and Michelle Wie in the field ... just two of many things you're not Custom Party Tents Suppliers in China being told at golf's 2007 U.S. Open at Oakmont.OAKMONT, Pa. (June 15, 2007) - Beware, golf fan. What's been reported at the U.S. Open is hardly as transparent as it seems.The Dr. Pepper in the press tent has tasted a bit off all week, probably because it's laced with a type of serum that prevents golf writers from being their usual inquisitive selves.Luckily, I think I'm the only writer here immune to its truth-numbing effects. This stems from my days working the wire for the Soviet Golf Federation during Khrushchev's rule.I've been snooping around a little bit in the locker room (think what Ian Poulter wears on the course is out there; you should see his skivvies) and have found plenty of dirty undercurrents nobody wants you to know about at the Oakmont Country Club this week.Conspiracy theorists, get to your blogs. Here is the truth no one wants you to know at the U.S.